Welcome to Moving with the Moon!

My name is Ana Davis and I am a yogini and yoga teacher, mother, daughter, sister, lover.. 

I am passionate about the power of yoga for women.  

Moving with the Moon is a project that I am still gestating.  

It’s a book, online classes, and workshops that introduce you to a feminine approach to yoga that will benefit you on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  

It’s an approach to yoga that is non-linear, cyclical; mirroring the changing moods of your body-mind throughout our menstrual month, and throughout the ages and stages of your life.    

Stay tuned as I add more content to inspire you and help you connect with your feminine-soul!   And so that I can keep you posted about new content I add to the website, including sequences, e-booklets, audio-visual recordings, upcoming workshops  etc –  please do join my mailing-list by sending me an email here and in the subject header please write ‘subscribe’.  

With love and gratitude,

 Ana xx



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